Huayi sports culture co., LTD. was established in September 2016, by Huayi Brothers Media co., LTD., Fang Funds Partners, China Dongxiang Group joint venture. Mr. Wang Zhongjun as the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yu Mingfang as the CEO and Mr. Chen Yihong as the Executive Director. The Company is headquartered in Beijing.

Huayi Sports aims to build the global sports industry chain through many efforts including working together with international sports companies, communicating sports culture with different countries, and integrating global resources. Huayi Sports thrives to combine both industry and finance.
Huayi Sports sees quality education as the foundation. Through popularizing sports education as the starting point, Huayi Sports has built the entire ecosystem for quality education. The company aims to open the market and to help the country and society to solve problems for the education industry. The company is dedicated to lead Chinese families to recognize and practice in the quality education industry that families eventually benefit from.

Our team specializes in many areas including investment, sports marketing and internet operation. We develop both the sports and quality education industry with both globalized vision and the idea of internet.
We aim to upgrade the industry by integrating resources. Huayi Sports’s vision is to help people to achieve their dream. We work hard to create the environment for talent. We welcome people to join this passionate and dreaming team.